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Inzinc Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. offers value added Risk management Consultancy Services in India and help our esteemed clients in risk identification, analysis, evaluation. Our expert Risk Management Consultants in India can also help formulate treatment actions.

The level of uncertainty of running businesses is increasing by the day due to swift changes in the business environment (both internal and external). Dealing with this uncertainty has become a grave necessity today. Hence the requirement of risk management has become the key for any business in any sector or vertical, whether small, medium or big or whether they are into products or services or both.

It is a worthwhile exercise for any organization to carry out Risk Management as against Crisis Management, because in crisis majority of controls may not be available for the business.

Benefits or advantages of Business Risk Management

  • Mitigation or reduction of high risks that threaten the survival of the business.
  • Quick identification of risks by our experts
  • Decreased business costs / expenses
  • Help take informed business decisions
  • Increased certainty of achievement of business objectives.
  • Opportunities can be unlocked through the Risk Management exercise.
  • Help maintain the image of the organization
  • Help sustain business in the long run
  • Unearth risks that are not so apparent
  • Bring in a culture of Risk in your organization
  • Help organization focus on risks that are critical

Our Risk Management Consultancy Services encompass both the Enterprise risk management services and process level risk management services that can collectively help the organizations in preparing its defence in dealing with volatility in business environment that is a reality today.

Our approach is very much aligned with the ISO 31000 standard as given below (courtesy of ISO):

What does our Risk Management Consultancy services (Risk Management Consulting Services) program cover?

  • Risk Management Training / Workshop
  • Identification of the business context of the organization
  • Risk identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation and methodology of assessment
  • Formulation of Risk Acceptance criteria
  • Risk Treatment Plan
  • Followups and suggestions

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