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Internal Audit & Gap Audit (Gap Analysis) Services

Inzinc Consulting India provides Internal Audit services and Gap Audit Services as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001 International Standards in order to assist our Clients to measure the level of effectiveness of the Management Systems established in their Organizations. The section below describes briefly these services:

What is a Management System Audit?

An official check or inspection and examination of an Organization's Management System by an independent body to assess the level of effectiveness of their Management System documentation and implementation is called as a Management System Audit. Management System audits are conducted based on the requirements laid out by International Standards.

What Management System Audits we offer?

Our experienced Auditors conduct value added Management System Audits based on the latest ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001 International Standards to help assess the system’s effectiveness that helps realize Continual improvement. Since we are independent auditors, we provide the unbiased and accurate reports that can be immensely helpful to Organizations.

We offerthe below types of Management System audits based on ISO Standards:

  • Gap Analysis or Gap Audit Services: Our gap analysis services or Gap assessment services or Gap audit services help our Client Organizations understand on how close or near are their current Management System when compared to the requirements specified by the concerned ISO Standard which our Client intends to implement but not yet implemented.
  • Internal Audit Services: Our internal audit services is directed at checking and verifies the conformity of our Client’s Organizational processes against the requirements specified by the concerned ISO Standard which the Organization has implemented.
  • Mock Certification Audit Services: This is the same as Internal Audit Services but is usually conducted when our Client Organization wants to get an experience as to what the final Certification audit looks like. This helps to understand the questions that are typically asked in audits and can help the Organization to prepare for the actual Certification audits.

For each of the above services, we conduct audit at Client site and we submit the audit report with findings that helps the Organization to realize improvements in their Management System.

Advantages of conducting Management System audits in an Organization:

  • Audits improve the Management system by throwing light on weak areas that were previously not noticed or even if noticed, the seriousness was not understood
  • Audits become a routine health check mechanism for the Management System that ensures how consistently Organization is conforming to Standard requirements
  • Audit improves Organizational control system
  • Audit helps the Top Management of an Organization to get a picture of the status quo of their Management System
  • Audits help enhance the Communication system of the Organization by bringing together personnel to solve problems
  • Audits also help understand the strong areas of the Organization

We also conduct integrated Management System audits that involve checking and verifying multiple Management Systems implemented in an integral way at our Client workplace.

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