Inzinc's Motto: Passion to Deliver Quality


The Publishing Division of Inzinc Products and Services is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Posters, Signage, Children Charts, Flash Cards, Montessori and Pre-school materials.

We have given special attention to our customer needs and brought to you products that are simple, attractive, informative, with variety and quality. The acceptance of our products in various markets inside and outside India is a testimonial to the recognition of our efforts put on our Publishing products.

These products have been developed after research of the varied needs of the customers and your suggestions are welcome to be written to our email

Inzinc advantages

  • Attractive Products
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good Designs
  • Huge Variety

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Our Infrastructure

The company has built an efficient team to support its day-to-day operations and has the necessary infrastructure supported by a growth and result oriented management. The company’s team comprises of vast experienced professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and team-oriented.

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