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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is the analysis of existing data in the Organization to provide business insights to enable the decision makers in the Organization to take informed decisions rather than ad hoc decisions. This is veryimportant considering the requirement of timelyand accurate information Business Managers need on a day-to-day basis to run the Organization efficiently and effectively.

What we do in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis?

We at Inzinc Analytics provide Business Intelligence Consulting services that includes the following:

  • Consulting: This includes educating the clients on Business Intelligence and explain its benefits, conduct needs analysis, formulating requirements and a comprehensive plan;
  • Solutions:
    • We help identify and converge data from allavailable platforms to maximize information;
    • Using a wide range of tools, we process the data to givea broad scale outlook at the available information;
    • We provide advanced analysis with top-of-the-line products to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and give an accurate and deep understanding of key areas of your business;
  • Reporting: We provide reporting solutions that provides insights into your business. The data collected from various sources are presented to the end users in a way that is simple to understand and comprehend. This helps the end users with sufficient knowledge to take quick and accurate decisions;
  • Dashboards and Visualization: These help to visualize the results and provide comprehensive overview to enable you to take better decisions that can catapult yourbusiness to new levels of growth in a quick period of time. Our customized dashboards present information in a manner that is easy to comprehend;
  • Support and Maintenance Services: Our support post-consulting involves updating analysis solutions to meet the changing needs of your Industry and Organization.By engaging Inzinc Analytics for the Support and Maintenance Services, our valuable Customers can be sure of our continued long-term supportthat helps in better understanding, problem-solving and to realize better growth through Business Intelligence and Data Analysis;
  • Staff Augmentation (Contracting): We offer consultants on-hire basis for your bespokeBusiness Intelligence solution requirements.

What are the Benefits of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis? (Advantages of Benefits of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis)

The following are the benefits that Organizations can realize with Business Intelligence and Data Analysis:

  • Help make informed decisions: We provide business information that helps management make fact-based decisionsthat will eventually help faster accurate decision-making and improved productivity. This prevents Organizations to not decide on guesswork or inaccurate facts.
  • Lean Management: The Business Intelligence solutions helps to identify areas of operational waste by highlighting and eliminating redundant efforts.
  • Forecasting and Speculation (What-if analysis): Business Intelligence helps Organizations forecast Business opportunities or identify potential opportunities. A What-if analysis will help Organizations to brace well for the future.
  • Single point of information: Our Business Intelligence solutions provides a single platform that combines data from various sources.
  • Cost Reduction: Business Intelligence solutions help identify problem areas in your Organization leading to sizeable Cost reductions.
  • Competitive edge: Business Intelligence provides Competitive edge compared to Organizations who suffer from inaccurate decision-making.
  • Improved Customer and Employee Satisfaction: Accurate and timely business decisions helpWin the trust of Customers. Employees also satisfied that the data they capture on day-to-day basis are used for effective decision-making.
  • Improved Return on Investment: Business Intelligence and data analytics enhances the effectiveness of business processes thatresults in improved productivity and lesser costs.This surely guarantees higher return on investment and greater profitability. As the fast-growingBusiness Intelligence Service Providers in India, we help our Esteemed Customers to realize the above benefits of Business intelligence.

Who are our Clients?

Any Organization of any industry sector who recognizes the need to take decisions based on business intelligence and data analysis are our Clients.Our Business Intelligence solutions helps cater to industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Retail, Education, Service providers, etc.

Inzinc Analytics are experienced Business Intelligence Service providers in Indiacovering Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Noida, Gurugram, Thiruvananthapuram and other Indian Cities.

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