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The Publishing Division of INZINC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES designs, manufactures and sells all types of Industrial Labels like Manufacturing Labels, Quality Assurance Labels, Shipping Labels, Chemical Safety Labels, General Office Labels, Electrical Safety Labels, Fire Safety Labels and all other Customized Labels for different requirements of Industries. Following are the labels classified under relevant categories with SAMPLE IMAGES:

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Quality Assurance / Quality Control Labels

  • QA Accepted Label
  • QA Inspected Label
  • QA Passed Label
  • Tested OK Label

Production related Labels

  • Rejection Label
  • Rework Label
  • Calibration Status Label

Stores related Labels

  • Shelf Life Label
  • Rack Labels for Manufacturing Industry

Shipping Labels / Packing Labels

  • Do not drop Label
  • Do not stack Label
  • Fragile Label
  • Handle with Care Label
  • Keep dry Label
  • Perishable Label
  • Protect from Heat Label
  • This side up Label

Electrical Safety Labels

  • Warning - Electric Shock Risk Label

Fire Safety Labels

  • Flammable Materials Label
  • Caution - Empty Cylinder - Do not Use (Gas Cylinder Safety Label)

Chemical Safety Labels

  • Caution - Highly Toxic Chemical Label
  • Danger - Acid

General Office Labels

  • No Smoking Zone

Miscellaneous Labels

  • Recycle Label

Custom Labels

Your Size and as per your Requirement

  • Product Labels
  • Price Labels
  • Organization with logo labels
  • Machine Identification Labels
  • Stores Location Labels
  • Stores Bin Labels

For Customized Labels, please indicate the matter, size of the label, etc,.

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