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Flash Cards for Kids

Flash Card for Kids in Bangalore What are the Children Flash Cards?

Flash Cards are an effective way of teaching your kid the basics of the life and things around. Each flash card has a picture with a word that enables the child to learn the word and correlate the picture with the word. Over time, the child learns and applies the same in the real world. Thus flash cards are a useful tool for putting a good foundation for your child’s basic education.

The Publishing Division of Inzinc Products & Services is a leading manufacturer of Children Flash Cards in Bangalore.

Flash Cards for Kids manufactured by us includes

English Flash Card for Kids

  • Actions Flash Cards
  • Alphabets Flash Cards
  • Birds Flash Cards
  • Clothing Flash Cards
  • Colours Flash Cards
  • Cereals Flash Cards
  • Farm Animals Flash Cards
  • Festivals of India Flash Cards
  • Flowers Flash Cards
  • Fruits Flash Cards
  • Great Personalities of the World Flash Cards
  • Groups of Animals Flash Cards
  • Healthy Food Flash Cards
  • Homes of Animals Flash Cards
  • Insects Flash Cards
  • Junk Food Flash Cards
  • Living Beings of the Sea Flash Cards
  • Males & Females of Animals Flash Cards
  • Modes of Communication Flash Cards
  • Musical Instruments Flash Cards
  • Numbers Flash Cards
  • Parts of the Body Flash Cards
  • Parts of the Plant Flash Cards
  • People who help us Flash Cards
  • Pet Animals Flash Cards
  • Places of Worship Flash Cards
  • Pulses Flash Cards
  • Shapes Flash Cards
  • Sounds of Animals Flash Cards
  • Uses of Water Flash Cards
  • Vegetables Flash Cards
  • Vehicles Flash Cards
  • What is in your Bathroom Flash Cards
  • What is in your Bedroom Flash Cards
  • What's in your Kitchen Flash Cards
  • Wild Animals Flash Cards
  • Young Ones Flash Cards

Flash Card for Kids in BangaloreFlash Cards in Kannada

  • Swaragalu (Kannada Vowels) Flash Cards
  • Vyanjanagalu (Kannada Consonants) Flash Cards

Flash Cards in Hindi

  • A se Aha (Hindi Vowels) Flash Cards
  • Ka se Gna (Hindi Consonants) Flash Cards

Flash Card for Kids in BangaloreMATH FLASH CARDS (Mathematics Flash Cards)

The Basic MATH SET Flash Cards introduces your child to math operators of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with the question involving the math operator on one side of the flash card and the answer at the back side of the flash card. This improves the math ability and helps the child make speedy calculations.

Flash Cards in Bangalore.

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  • Step 1: Take a set of cards (For example Wild Animals) and flash the cards one by one slowly (with a gap of minimum 12 seconds between cards) by spelling out the name written in the card to your child. Flash all the cards similarly. Please note that you must spell out the name slowly so that the child can pick up.
  • Step 2: Flash the whole set of cards once in two days and each time you follow as in Step 1.
  • Step 3: After you have flashed for a satisfactory number of times to you child, the next time, you show three cards and ask which among this is Lion. He will start pointing out.
  • Step 4: Use all sets of flash cards and follow the steps 1 to 3.

Note: Allow good gaps between using different sets of Flash cards so that your child will not get bored. Preferably use a flash card set only once a day to avoid your child getting bored.