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ISO 29990 Consultants in India

Introduction to ISO 29990:2010 - Learning Services Management System (LSMS) for non-formal Education and Training Service Providers

The ISO 29990:2010 International Standard aims to specify a model for quality professional practice and performance, which is generic in nature. It also aims to provide a common reference for learning service providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development. This standard focuses on Non-formal education and training sector.The proficient ISO 29990 consultants in Bangalore, India (LSMS consultants in Bangalore) of the Inzinc Team will ensure in providing professional consultancy solutions that puts a solid LSMS foundation.

What is Non-Formal Education ?

Non formal education means the organized educational activity other than the established and recognized formal systems of elementary, secondary or higher education. The organization or Institution that provides this is called a Learning Services Provider (LSP).

Examples are Vocational training for occupational skills, life-long learning, training by an organization whether outsourced or internal.

In India, ITI Training Institutes, Montessori Schools, Pre Schools, and other Vocational training service providers can get certified to ISO 29990:2010 Standard.

Benefits of ISO 29990 standard for Service Providers

The following are the advantages or Benefits of getting certified to the ISO 29990 standard:

  • Learning Service Providers can document simple, clearly defined processes
  • Can assist in improving the learning environment
  • Facilitates proper design of the learning services (Ex: Curriculum planning)
  • Facilitates International Marketing and opens up the gates to International Education
  • Ensures Competencies of the staff and associates of the Learning Service Provider
  • Improved Quality of provisioning of learning services which leads to customer satisfaction and eventually more business
  • Ensure Proper Communication Management

ISO 29990 Internal Audit services

As part of the ISO 29990 effectiveness measurement, our ISO 29990 consultants in Bangalore, India can conduct ISO 29990 Internal Audit on behalf of our clients and shall submit reports of the Internal Audit to the Client Management.